Neville Goddard, Godfather of "The Secret".

The Law of Attraction is something that we have heard a lot about with the popularity of books like, “The Secret”. The teachings of Neville Goddard have heavily influenced a lot of new age philosophers, especially the late, Wayne Dwyer.

Anita Alig tells us about the life and work of the fascinating man, how to apply his techniques and whether or not they work.

Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard

If you’ve studied manifestation techniques or used the law of attraction to manifest what you desire, chances are, you’ve heard of Neville Goddard. In many ways, Neville Goddard pioneered 50 years ago a technique that combines using visualisation and the law of attraction. His basic premise was that your imagination is what makes you divine, thus allowing you to create the reality you are longing for.

While the law of attraction teaches you to use the energy of positive thought to attract what your need and desire, visualisation is about imagining yourself in exactly the place and state you wish to find yourself.

Goddard combines both, with his technique instructing you to not only visualise what your desire but also feel it. What’s more, Neville Goddard proclaims that we can manifest for our loved ones and create for others the reality they are longing for.


Neville Goddard was born in 1905 in the British West Indies. After studying dance in the United States, he toured England where he struck up a friendship with a Scotsman from whom he borrowed books about the power of the mind. Once back in the US, Neville began to dedicate his life to the study of spiritual matters.

He later deepened his knowledge of all things spiritual under the guidance of Abdullah, an Ethiopian Jew. In the 1950s he began publishing books and lecturing on what he called “The Law”. According to The Law, as he understood it, you can create any reality you desire by imagining and feeling it before it occurs. The feeling aspect is the most important part. Not only do you visualise your chosen reality, but you also feel it, smell it, touch it, all the while experiencing the expected happiness and joy.

During the last decade of his life, Neville Goddard turned his focus to The Promise, which supersedes the Law. The Promise is about your divinity and the ultimate goal of becoming one with God.


Neville Goddard’s Manifestation Techniques – How to Use “The Law”

So, how do you manifest using Goddard’s techniques? First, remember you must go far beyond visualising your chosen reality. You must use all your senses to feel it, touch it, smell it and imagine with your entire being that you are already fully in the place and state you wish to be.

Let’s assume you wish to be super fit. Sit down and visualise your lean muscular body, feel your tight stomach and thighs, imaging what it feels like to exercise intensively, barely breaking a sweat.

You can use this type of intense imagining for any desire, just make sure you use all your senses and immerse your entire being in the process. What you need to do is, FEEL AS IF YOU HAVE IT.

This is how Neville Goddard describes his technique.

My Experience of Using the Neville Goddard Technique

Although I disagree with what some consider Goddard’s belief that we are God, I have used his techniques on myself, and with clients (as an Integrated Energy Therapist) with considerable success.

When imagining something you wish for not only visually but also by feeling it with all your senses, your energy field changes and prepares for the realisation of what you’ve imagined. In some ways, it’s a little like “fake it until you make it”.

Another thing I appreciate about Neville’s Law is that – unlike the law of attraction – you can and should use it to help others. With clients that means using the technique to support them, while if you use The Law for your loved ones you support them in their quest for happiness.

Simple Tips on How to Use the Basic Neville Goddard Techniques

If you want to use the Goddard technique and manifest your heart’s desire, you need to remember the following points:

·       Don’t just visualise: FEEL IT AS IF YOU HAVE IT which means you dive into the place and state you are longing for with your entire being. See it, feel it, touch it, smell it!

·       Consider your imagination a divine gift which – powered by love – can create the reality you long for provided love is your motivation and it’s for the highest good.

·       Once you’ve FELT IT AS IF YOU HAD IT, leave it be and give your dream the chance to come true without going back to it or judging it.

·       Do use Neville’s technique for other people to help them manifest.

·       Trust in the loving divine power of your imagination.

In my experience, Neville Goddard’s Law does transform your energy and prepare for and facilitate the realisation of your dreams.

Many similarities exist between Goddard’s Law and the law of attraction. However, there are some fundamental differences. Whereas those seeking manifestation through the law of attraction use positive thought and trust in the goodness of the universe, Goddard emphasizes the need to FEEL and immerse your entire person in the imagining process.

In that sense, Goddard proclaims the power inherent in your own imagination, a power which he believes can help you to create any reality you wish.

Final Thoughts

I have no doubt that Neville Goddard’s teachings and techniques are a valuable source of manifestation tools. Here, visualisation techniques and the law of attraction combine, releasing the energy of your imagination. I guess those who do make their dreams come true use the same technique unbeknownst to them. They FEEL IT AS IF THEY HAVE IT.